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In most cases, a cervical polyp is a benign growth, though it is usually sent to a laboratory for testing to ensure that it is not malignant. After the removal, the patient takes a course of antibiotics because many polyps have become infected. Cervical polyps are typically benign Cervical polyp. 12 Aug 2019 12:20. Hi everyone. I've been to the doc this morning after having vague abdominal and lower back ache. It's getting worse, and I'm going to the loo a lot, weeing. She did a swab, said there was a bit of discharge, and a urine sample showed slight signs of something so I've got antibiotics

What is cervical polyp? Summary. A cervical polyp is a growth that develops on the surface of the cervix. The cervix is the gynecological structure of the female reproductive system that connects the uterus to the vagina. Symptoms are often absent with cervical polyps Cervical polyps are small fingerlike growths originating from the mucosal surface of the cervix. The small fragile growths hang from a stalk and protrude through the cervical opening. The uterus is a hollow muscular organ located in the female pelvis between the bladder and rectum Cervical polyps are small growths (generally less than 1 cm) that form from either the outside of the cervix (the neck of the womb; Pic. 1) or inside the cervical canal (the passageway between the vagina and the womb)


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What is a cervical polyp ? A polyp is a growth of tissue from either the outside of the cervix (neck of the womb) or inside the cervical canal (the passageway between the vagina and the womb). Polyps are usually benign (not cancerous) and can be removed quite easily A cervical (cervix) polyp sticks out from the surface of the cervical canal. Cervical polyps are most common in women who have had children (not through caesarean section) and have now stopped having their periods. Polyps often cause no symptoms at all but they can cause irregular vaginal bleeding. Treatment of cervical polyps Cervical polyps are usually small, teardrop-shaped projections that grow from the surface of the cervix or more commonly in the endocervical canal. The endocervical canal is the inside of the cervix that leads to the uterus. It is lined with glandular cells that are typical of mucous membranes Cervical and uterus polyps is a disease of the female genital organs when the inner membrane of the uterus grows. Cervical Mucosa are formations of one or more protrusions. Polyps are tissue growths of the endometrium caused by various hormonal disorders in the body. But, first of all, this is not the only cause

Cervical polyps are discovered during routine pelvic exams or evaluations for bleeding or while getting a Pap test. Expected Duration. Sometimes a polyp will come off on its own during sexual intercourse or menstruation. However, most polyps need to be removed to treat any symptoms and to evaluate the tissue for signs of cancer, which is rare A cervical polyp is usually a benign, small, pedunculated tumor less than 2 cm, incidentally diagnosed on routine examination. Large cervical polyps (>4 cm) are rare.[1,2] They could present as a mass protruding out of vaginal introitus,. Their size and clinical presentation can mimic a cervical neoplasia Removal of a Cervical Polyp - YouTube. Removal of a Cervical Polyp. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device

A cervical polyp is a small piece of tissue, usually on a stalk, that grows on the cervix (neck of the womb). Sometimes the cervical polyp is broad-based, where it does not have a stalk bu The objective of this study is to document a case of huge cervical polyp masquerading as cervical cancer seen and managed in Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria, Nigeria. Case Report: A 39-year-old trader para 5 + 0 who presented at the gynecologic unit with a 7-year history of fleshy mass protruding from the vagina which had been progressively increasing in size but was reducible Polyps are small clumps of cells that gather together to form onion-like clumps. They are typically benign or non-cancerous and occur roughly 2-5% of people with a womb. Polyps tend to be red, purple, or off-white. People with polyps may only have one or more. There are two main types of cervical polyps, endocervical and ectocervical Cervical polyps are small fingerlike growths originating from the mucosal surface of the cervix. The small fragile growths hang from a stalk and protrude through the cervical opening. The uterus is a hollow muscular organ located in the female pelvis between the bladder and rectum. The ovaries produce the eggs that travel through the fallopian. Cervical polyps are common entities that can be bothersome and are thus removed by a gynecologist. The vast majority are benign. An introduction to the uterine cervix is in the uterine cervix article. Contents. 1 Benign endocervical polyp. 1.1 General; 1.2 Microscopic. 1.2.1 Images; 1.3 Sign out

Cervical polyps are benign growths that look like small fingers or globules on stalks located on the cervix. Although polyps themselves are not harmful, because cancerous growths can resemble polyps, it is necessary to remove the growths for biopsy to confirm a diagnosis. Usually these growths are identified by a gynecologist and they can be. INTRODUCTION. Description: Cervical polyps are benign fleshy tumors that arise from the cells of the endocervical canal (most common) or the ectocervix. Prevalence: Four percent of gynecologic patients, most common benign growth of the cervix. Predominant Age: 40s to 50s (multiparous women). (Ectocervical polyps predominate in postmenopausal. Endometrial polyp: Proliferation of benign endometrial stromal and glandular elements, protruding into the endometrial cavity Occasionally a larger polyp arising in the lower uterine segment may protrude into the endocervical canal or may be visible through the cervical os, mimicking an endocervical polyp Polypoid adenomyoma -Remove polyp by performing one of the following: +Cut through the tissue at the base of the polyp with the cervical biopsy forceps, +Grasp the polyp with the ring forceps and twist the forceps around the stalk until it comes off, +If small, scrape it off using a sharp curette. -Place the polyp in the pathology container Cervix polyp removed. 19 May 2018 12:40. Hi. 2 weeks as of yesterday I had a polyp removed from my cervix due to bleeding for nearly 2 weeks at a time sent for biopsy. I had a blood transfusion as lost a lot of blood. Still suffering with abdominal pain so went to see my GP yesterday he asked if I had a follow up app I said no, he looked on his.

The cervix is a tubelike channel that connects the uterus to the vagina. Cervical polyps are growths that usually appear on the cervix where it opens into the vagina. Polyps are usually cherry-red. Cervical polyps are pedunculated (stalked) new growths from the cervix, usually benign, which are detected incidentally during routine pelvic examination. The condition remains asymptomatic except when there is intermenstrual or postcoital bleeding. Ectocervical polyps grow on the outer surface of the cervix and are found in postmenopausal women; endocervical polyps, the more common of the two.

A polyp that sits on the cervix (cervical polyp) can also be a reason for unwanted childlessness, because then the sperm is blocked the way into the uterus. If there is an unfulfilled desire to have a baby, it can actually be caused by polyps: they can prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus Cervical polyps arise from glandular epithelial hyperplasia. They are commonly benign but they can be malignant in 0.2-1.5% of the cases. The risk is even less with asymptomatic polyps. They are more common in parous women and women in their 40s and 50s. The removal of polyps is a painless procedure suitable for primary care management A polyp is a growth of tissue from either the outside of the cervix (neck of the womb) or inside the cervical canal (the passageway between the vagina and the womb). Polyps are usually benign (not cancerous) and can be removed quite easily. There are often no symptoms and the polyp will only be noticed when a woman has had a smear test Cervical polyps are soft, finger-like growths of tissue that usually start to grow from inside the cervical canal. They hang from a stalk and often push through the opening. Cervical polyps are common, especially in women older than 20 who have had children. Almost all are benign (not cancerous)

The diagnosis of uterine cervical polyps in a low resource setting: the positive predictive value of clinical judgment--a series of 192 cases at the Yaounde Gynaeco-Obstetric and Paediatric Hospital, Cameroon. Foumane P, Sando Z, Dohbit JS, Bilo'o LL, Mboudou ET, Oyono JL Trop Doct 2013 Apr;43(2):54-6. Epub 2013 Jun 11 doi: 10.1177. Cervical polyps are small, elongated tumors that grow on the cervix. The cervix is the narrow canal at the bottom of the uterus that extends into the vagina. The cervix connects the uterine cavity and the upper portion of the vagina. It acts as the passageway for sperm to fertilize an egg

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  1. Cervical polyps are common and occur in about 4% of women. Cervical polyps usually cause no symptoms and are sometimes found during a smear test. However, some women may experience symptoms such as bleeding after sex, bleeding in between periods, bleeding after menopause or abnormal vaginal discharge. In most cases, cervical polyps are benign.
  2. Uterine polyps. Uterine polyps attach to your uterus by a large base or a thin stalk and can grow to be several centimeters in size. Irregular menstrual bleeding, bleeding after menopause, excessively heavy menstrual flow or bleeding between periods could signal the presence of uterine polyps
  3. e the incidence of malignancy in cervical polyps and deter
  4. The following are examples of the BCL: Cervical polyps, Cervical ectropion. Cervical fibroids, Cervical stenosis & Nabothian follicles. 4. They are benign tumors arising from the endocervical epithelium & maybe seen as smooth reddish protrusion in the cervix. Cervical Polyps Definition 5. like HPV, yeast infection, Herpes 6

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A cervical polyp is a small piece of tissue, usually on a stalk, that grows on the cervix (neck of the womb). Sometimes the cervical polyp is broad-based, where it does not have a stalk but sits on the cervix. Often they cause no symptoms and are found as a result of other examinations. Polyps are usually benign (non-cancerous) Cervical Polyps Carcinoma Ectropion Trauma Cervicitis Genital warts Vaginal Carcinoma Vaginitis * Atrophic * Infective Endometrial Polyps Carcinoma Usually, the bleeding originates from the vagina, or cervix, rather than the endometrium. Aboubakr Elnashar 13. Cervical polyps can also bleed and can also normally be visualised on examination.. 8 CLINICS IN Korea ON REQUEST: Cervical Polyp Removal . Medical tourism. Clinics. Korea. Obstetrics and gynecology. Cervical Polyp Removal. Samsung Medical Center. 1 review . Cervical Polyp Removal 650 (treatments ) Price on request. Korea, Seoul. Samsung is one of the most technologically advanced medical centers in the world. Opened in 1994. Cervical polyps most often occur in women older than 20 who have had several pregnancies. Most cervical polyps are first discovered during a pelvic exam. Usually only a single polyp develops, though sometimes two or three are found during an exam. This information does not replace the advice of a doctor

Cervical polyps: Polyps are growths which occur within the uterine cavity, and sometimes uterine contractions can twist the thin stalk of the polyp and cut off blood s Read More Cervical polyps are fingerlike growths on the lower part of the uterus that connects with the vagina ( cervix ). Causes. Expand Section. The exact cause of cervical polyps is not known. They may occur with: An abnormal response to increased levels of the female hormone estrogen. Chronic inflammation polyp [pol´ip] any growth or mass protruding from a mucous membrane. Polyps may be attached to a membrane by a thin stalk (pedunculated polyps), or they may have a broad base (sessile polyps). They are usually an overgrowth of normal tissue, but sometimes they are true tumors (masses of new tissue separate from the supporting membrane). Usually benign.

A study by Geiger,5 on the other hand, of 2,048 gynecologic patients admitted to a tumor clinic revealed only 1.5 per cent of cervical polyps. Ninety-six of the 117 instances of cervical polyps herein reported were encountered in 3,900 hospitalized patients who underwent gynecologic operations, an incidence of 2.4 per cent Videos (1) Cervical polyps are common fingerlike growths of tissue that protrude into the passageway through the cervix. Polyps are almost always benign (noncancerous). Cervical polyps may be caused by chronic inflammation or infection. Usually, cervical polyps do not cause any symptoms, but they may cause bleeding or a puslike discharge

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  1. Uterine polyps may be confirmed by an endometrial biopsy, but the biopsy could also miss the polyp. Most uterine polyps are noncancerous (benign). However, some precancerous changes of the uterus (endometrial hyperplasia) or uterine cancers (endometrial carcinomas) appear as uterine polyps
  2. A polyp is a small growth that develops inside the tissues of different organs, such as the colon. Adenomatous polyps, or adenomas, are usually harmless. Cervical polyps are small growths on.
  3. Referral for cervical ectropion or cervical polyps The recommendation to refer women with cervical ectropion or cervical polyps, is based on the DH guidelines [ DH, 2010 ]. However, while post-coital bleeding is often attributed to the existence of a cervical ectropion or cervical polyps, a systematic review found little evidence for this.
  4. What you need to know about Cervical Polyp Removal in Dubai. Cervical Polyp Removal is a medical procedure / surgery that requires coordination between specialist surgeons, anesthetists and various other specialist medical professionals.This type of Gynecology procedure / treatment can be very expensive given the extent of everything involved, for example, the skill level, training and.
  5. Objective: To clarify which types of cervical polyp removed during the first and second trimester are associated with the risk of spontaneous abortion and preterm delivery. Methods: Pregnant females who underwent attempted polypectomy of cervical polyps during pregnancy and delivered singleton infants between 2005 and 2011 were evaluated
  6. Polyp colons in the human body are found in the abdomen, nose, sinuses, bladder of urine, and uterus. Polyps are known as Cervical Polyps, Polyp of Cervix, when a polyp is in the cervix or cervix. Cervical polyps are similar to the finger in looks and sometimes come out to the cervical canal and can also be projected outside the vagina
  7. Cervical polyps are small, elongated tumors that grow on the cervix. The cervix is the narrow canal at the bottom of the uterus that extends into the vagina. The cervix connects the uterine cavity and the upper portion of the vagina. It acts as the passageway for sperm to fertilize an egg, which could result in pregnancy. During labor, the.

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Cervical polyps can range from a few millimeters to a few centimeters in diameter. Cervical polyps are often picked up during routine health screenings or Pap smears. They may also be found during a gynecological ultrasound, where the polyp is seen as an echogenic bright spot. Cervical polyps are common in women, regardless of age Cervical polyps may be a risk factor for delivery at < 34 weeks because they are an inflammatory disease [1,2,3,4], or polypectomy itself may induce inflammation/infection in the cervix. It currently remains unclear whether the cause of delivery at < 34 weeks was the cervical polyp itself or polypectomy. In.

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Cervical Polyp Removal in and around Abu Dhabi About Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and the richest city in the country due to its oil fields. Abu Dhabi is an advanced but conservative cosmopolitan city. In 2018, the city was ranked as the safest city in the world with the lowest crime index of more than 300 cities A nabothian cyst (or nabothian follicle) is a mucus-filled cyst on the surface of the cervix.They are most often caused when stratified squamous epithelium of the ectocervix (portion nearest to the vagina) grows over the simple columnar epithelium of the endocervix (portion nearest to the uterus). This tissue growth can block the cervical crypts (subdermal pockets usually 2-10 mm in diameter. polyp pedunculate polyp (top) and sessile polyp (bottom) in a section of large intestine pol·yp (pŏl′ĭp) n. 1. A body form of a cnidarian, such as a hydra or coral, that is cylindrical in shape, has a mouth usually surrounded by tentacles at one end, and is often attached to something at the other end. 2. A usually nonmalignant growth or tumor. with endometrial polyp uterus and cervix, total hysterectomy: - benign endometrial polyp with nonproliferative endometrial glands. - uterine cervix with mild chronic inflammation and focal exocervical denudation, no evidence of dysplasia. - very weakly proliferative endometrium, mostly atrophic appearing, negative for endometrial hyperplasia Postcoital bleeding refers to spotting or bleeding that occurs after intercourse and is not related to menstruation. The prevalence of postcoital bleeding ranges from 0.7 to 9.0 percent of menstruating women. There are multiple etiologies for this common complaint in which most are benign such as cervicitis or cervical polyps. However, the most serious cause of postcoital bleeding is cervical.

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Here are some common symptoms of cervical polyps: Bleeding after penetration with a penis or sex toy. Having a heavier period than normal, with possible bleeding or spotting between periods. If an infection is present, someone may have abnormal discharge. This discharge may be yellow or white, and off-smelling The pathogenesis of cervical polyp is characterized by chronic inflammation of the endocervical canal. Typically, cervical polyps arise from the endocervical canal and tend to protrude into the external cervix. The estimated prevalence of cervical polyps is approximately 1.5-10% in the general population A polyp is a growth, usually a benign one, which protrudes from any mucus membrane in the body. Your polyp emerges from your cervix, the neck of the womb, but they are also to be found in the nose.

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  1. What is a cervical polyp? A polyp is a growth of tissue, usually on a stalk which can often be quite small, but can sometimes be larger. They can occur in many parts of the body but in the context of women's health, can often occur on the neck of the womb (cervix). These polyps are usually benign (not cancerous) and can be removed quite easily
  2. A cervical polyp is a growth that develops on the cervix, which is the canal connecting the uterus to the vagina. Sperm must pass through this canal to fertilize an egg. Cervical polyps are tumors.
  3. A cervical polyp was found on a smear test and at the time I asked my GP if it was urgent to remove and she said No, it was a routine thing they did these days and if I was anxious I could leave it and check it. I went to another GP last week as for some reason I suddenly rememberd this polyp - I have no symptoms from it

The ectocervix is the lower portion of the cervix, lined by squamous epithelium. Benign Ectocervical Polyp is a benign tumor of the uterine ectocervix, found mostly in middle-aged and older women. It is less frequently observed than an endocervical polyp. There are no clearly established risk factors for a Benign Ectocervical Polyp and the. Methods. Consecutive cervical polyps from January 2000 through September 2012 were retrieved from the hospital laboratory information system. Histologic evaluation of these polyps was performed, followed by a chart review of clinical findings and correlation with the immediately prior or concurrently collected cervical Papanicolaou (Pap) test results, when available تترجم خدمة Google المجانية الكلمات والعبارات وصفحات الويب بين الإنجليزية وأكثر من 100 لغة أخرى

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Cervical polyps are rarely cancerous but biopsy should be performed anyway. In some women cervical polyps may go away on their own during a period or an intercourse but I don't think that your mother's still having either of these. SO, her polyp is most likely to be removed by a doctor. If it is very big, she may be given a general, local. The cervix is a tube-like channel that connects the uterus to the vagina. Cervical polyps are growths that usually appear on the cervix where it opens into the vagina. Cervical polyps are small protrusions growing from the cervix. Polyps are usually cherry-red to reddish-purple or grayish-white. Varying in size, they often look fingerlike growths The polyp is placed in a sterile container and sent to a pathology laboratory to check for precancerous or cancerous cells. If the polyp turns out to be cancerous, the treatment will depend on the type and extent of cancer identified. Read also, about cervical polyps in pregnancy, management and treatment options. Post-Operative Car Cervical Polyps. A cervical polyp is a common benign growth on the surface of the cervical canal. It can cause irregular menstrual bleeding but often show no symptoms. Treatment consists of simple removal of the polyp and prognosis is generally good. About 1% of cervical polyps will show neoplastic change which may lead to cancer

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Questions and answers on Cervical polyp What is the treatment for polyp detected in smear examination and irregular periods? hi at a smear yesterday I was told I have a polyp. im wating for an appointment for a scan to check womb lining Topics associated with other chapters: condyloma-vulva fibroepithelial stromal polyp (Vulva, vagina & female urethra) Cervix stains: CEA CK7 ER GATA3 HIK1086 HPV Ki67 MUC6 p16 p40 p53 p63 PAX8 PR vimenti

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  1. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) Acupuncture Alprazolam. Common symptom. Pain. How bad it is. 1 a cervical polyp patient reports severe pain (33%) 0 cervical polyp patients report moderate pain (0%) 2 cervical polyp patients report mild pain (66%) 0 cervical polyp patients report no pain (0%) What people are taking for it
  2. A polyp is a projecting growth of tissue from a surface in the body, usually a mucous membrane. Polyps can develop in the: colon and rectum. ear canal. cervix. stomach. nose. uterus. throat
  3. Cervical polyps: Growths originating from the surface of the cervix or endocervical canal. These small, fragile growths hang from a stalk and protrude through the cervical opening (the os). Mentioned in: Menstrual Disorder
  4. Cervical polyps consist of excess cervical cells that pile up within the cervical canal. They appear as bright red tubelike protrusions from the cervical opening, either alone or in clusters. Polyps are very common and usually benign. Most polyps contain many blood vessels with a fragile outer wall, so bleeding may occur after intercourse or other vaginal penetration, douching, or self.

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  1. Cervical polyps - illustration Cervical polyps are small fingerlike growths originating from the mucosal surface of the cervix. The small fragile growths hang from a stalk and protrude through the cervical opening. Cervical polyps. illustration. Uterus - illustration The uterus is a hollow muscular organ located in the female pelvis between the.
  2. Like uterine fibroids, cervical polyps in that area can cause heavy periods. Another common symptom is bleeding during or after sex. If you can imagine a little skin tag hanging out at the top.
  3. Cervical cancer is caused by sexually acquired infection with certain types of HPV. Two HPV types (16 and 18) cause 70% of cervical cancers and pre-cancerous cervical lesions. There is also evidence linking HPV with cancers of the anus, vulva, vagina, penis and oropharynx. Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women globally.
  4. Uterine polyps can cause bleeding and may affect your fertility, but many women don't have symptoms. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, complications, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of.
  5. Cervical polyps are symptomatic in approximately 40% of the cases. [2] The presenting symptoms include intermenstrual bleeding, metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, postmenopausal bleeding, contact bleeding or vaginal discharge. [1, 2] The diagnosis is primarily done by hysteroscopy. [2] At ultrasound, polyps are usually hyperechoic

Cervical polyps are small benign tumors on the cervix. Their sizes vary and can be anywhere from a few millimeters (size of a seed) to 1-2 centimeters (size of a large grape). There are usually one to 3 polyps found on the cervix. Polyps are most commonly diagnosed in pregnant women, or in women over 40 year of age Cervical polyps are removed with an instrument called polyp forceps. They are used to grasp the base of the polyp and the polyp is removed with a gentle twisting motion. Occasionally, if the doctor or nurse cannot see the base of the polyp, a procedure called hysteroscopy is performed Cervical polyps are exceptionally associated with a malignant pathology. Recently, some authors analyzing the potential of malignant transformation recommended that not all, but only the symptomatic polyps or cases with abnormal cervical cytology be removed [15,16]. In the reported cases of giant cervical polyps, no malignancy has been described Since the code reads biopsy of cervix OR local excision of lesion, is it appropriate to code based on the biopsy of cervix since the polyp was sent for biopsy? I. imjsanderson Guru. Messages 183 Best answers 0. Jan 7, 2010 #7 I agree with Lisa, I use 57500 for a cervical polypectomy. A. aslonsky Networker. Messages 3 Cervical polyp arising from the anterior wall of the upper corpus of the uterus. (a) A feeder vessel is seen on TAS extending from upper corpus to the upper end of the polyp (P). (b) transverse section of feeder vessel at the internal os (determined by the uterine arteries entering the uterus at this level)

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hi doctr, i hv just had surgery cervical polyp removal last mon (5 dys ago). im pregnant 12wks. how long is the recovry? when is the safe to have sex? Answered by Dr. Kent Childs: Recovery: Your recovery should last approximately 2 to 7 days. After a.. Cervical polyps are very common indeed and, as you say, they can interfere with taking a smear test. A polyp is no more than an overgrowth of one small area of the the lining of the cervix. They. Adenosarcomas, tubulosquamous polyps, sarcoma botryoides and even non-Hodgkins lymphoma of the cervix can present as an innocent polyp of the cervix. Fortunately, these represent the exception rather than the rule. More commonly, what may appear to be a cervical polyp is actually a prolapsing endometrial polyp or fibroid The head of the polyp projects towards the cervical isthmic region VHSG: exhibits the polypoid lesion as an elevated tissue that projects into the cervix lumen [ 4 , 5 , 13 ]. The smaller ones reduce partially the cervical cavity (Fig. 5.11 ) while the larger ones obliterate it completely (Fig. 5.12 ) Cervical polyps are local ares of mucosal proliferation, and less commonly may be mimicked by endometrial polyps that protrude into the endocervical canal. References Radiology of the Female Pelvic Organs (Medical Radiology)

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1477 endocervical polyps reported one case of cervical carcinoma extending into the polyp from its primary site in the cervix [19]. In a later series of 362 patients, where analysis was done separately for asymptomatic women (60%) compared with symptomatic women, no malignancy was detected in the polyps or the endo A polyp is a growth of abnormal tissue that forms on a mucous membrane. Polyps can develop on any organ in your body that contains blood vessels. Some of the most common types of polyps include colon polyps, nasal polyps, cervical polyps, and endometrial polyps. With such different locations, the causes for each of these types of polyps will vary Cervical polyps can be misdiagnosed in early pregnancy when significant bleeding can lead to the diagnosis of an inevitable miscarriage 4.They can also grow significantly in pregnancy, and have been found to increase massively intrapartum 1.Bleeding in the postpartum period can also be a problem because polyps can be quite vascular

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Background: Cervical polyps are the foremost common benign neoplasms of the cervix with the range of prevalence reported as 1.5-10%. Although most cervical polyps are benign, 0.2-1.7% of them are related to malignancy. Aim: To assess the prevalence of malignancy and dysplasia in cervical polyps and to judge whethe Endometrial polyps. An endometrial polyp is a localised overgrowth of the endometrium, which projects into the uterine cavity and is attached by a pedicle. It can be either sessile (broad-based) or pedunculated (on a narrow stalk), and can be single or multiple. The incidence of polyps rises steadily with increasing age and it varies according. A Rare Presentation of Aggressive Angiomyxoma as a Cervical Polyp Kalpana a Bothale, Sadhana d Mahore, archana M Joshi Department of Pathology, NKP SIMS, Wanadongri, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India Abstr A ct A rare case of aggressive angiomyxoma (AAM) is reported here for its unusual presentation as a cervical polyp, in a 45‑year‑old woman

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